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About Crown City Network

Crown City Network started out as Crown City News, which began broadcasting on November 22nd, 2004, with a goal to bring in-depth, hyper-local TV news directly to Pasadena and the San Gabriel Valley. Since then, we have covered elections, exclusives, weather, technology news, sports, arts & entertainment, government issues, elections and more.  We have reported breakthrough national news including the 2009 Station Fires which threatened the San Gabriel Valley,  the devastating windstorms of December of 2011, live breaking news coverage of the Pasadena Marathon, and we broke international, Internet-busting news regarding the courthouse wedding of celebrities Giovanni Ribisi and Agyness Deyn.  All this and so much more, adding up to great independently produced stories and newscasts.

Today, as Crown City Network, we create a variety of professional broadcast TV shows, reaching 18 million viewers in 7 Southern California counties.

Our talent is smart, sophisticated and savvy in national news, business, finance, food, celebrity talk, kids shows and more.  While we might be right around the corner from Hollywood, we are committed to providing news, talk and entertainment that uplifts as it informs, encourages as it entertains, and removes the poison that so many other shows and networks often inject into our daily lives.  We are a better network.  Designed with you in mind.

We also provide on-camera and behind the scenes production training to youth, college students, and job seekers looking for new skills.

Catch our shows including Smart Money with Emmy Hernandez, The Josefa Salinas Show, Sugar Addicts, Crown City News, CCN Sunrise and more right here on, or on our Crown City Network social media networks.

Click here to see how you can watch your favorite CCN show on broadcast TV through the KVMD channel in your city or on your cable or satellite system in the Los Angeles TV market.

The original mission of CCN keeps going today as we continue to bring you a better network, designed with you in mind.