About Crown City News

Crown City News began broadcasting on November 22nd, 2004 with a goal to bring in-depth, local TV news directly to you. Since then, we have covered elections, exclusives, weather, technology news, sports, arts & entertainment and more, all adding up to great independently produced, human-interest oriented newscasts. Our hard-hitting news also gets you the answers you deserve about local governments’ budget cuts, city development issues, election hot topics and more.

Each half-hour weekly newscast of Crown City News brings you up-to-date on the latest news, weather, sports and more in an upbeat, informative and local fashion. And while we might be right around the corner from Hollywood, we are certainly committed to keeping our newscasts oriented to what’s happening in your community.

Crown City News also produces CCN Game Changers, bringing you extraordinary people who make a difference in your community. Game Changers, hosted by Tami DeVine, has interviewed all kinds of guests, from Hollywood TV stars such as Isaiah Washington, to government activists including Jesse Ventura.

We’re not just about TV news though. Our breakthrough online coverage of everything from everyday local news to the Pasadena Marathon, 2009 Station Fires which threatened the San Gabriel Valley and devastating December of 2011 Wind Storms have made CrownCityNews.com a trusted name in the local online news community. Paired with our newscast, CCN continues to deliver nonstop news about your community when it matters to you.

The original mission of CCN keeps on going today as we continue to bring you Your News in Your Neighborhood right here every week.