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CCN & CCN Sunrise Teams

CCN Sunrise Co-Hosts

 Mary MaryWinnersWinners

Mary Winners has been with CCN for years and is now one of our most beloved co-hosts. She loves sharing the great work people local to us do and has a special fondness in her heart for helping the elderly. After all, she did start off as our Senior Solutions Segment Star.

Crown City News Team


 Jesse Mogle

Jesse is the News Anchor CCN – Crown City News




 Toni Meed

Toni is Assignment Editor/Reporter for Crown City News.



CCN Sunrise Segment Stars


 Lee Cuellar

Lee is the CCN Sunrise “Your Home” Real Estate Segment Star.





 Valerie Milano

Valerie is the CCN Sunrise Entertainment Segment Star.




 Dr. Michelle Meyer

Dr. Michelle is the CCN Sunrise Family 2 Family Segment Star





 Loa Blasucci

Loa is the CCN Sunrise Fit and Beautiful Segment Star






 Dr. Jerome Lisk

Dr. Lisk is the CCN Sunrise Health Consious Segment Star.






 Kevin George

Kevin is the CCN Sunrise Vet Hunters Segment Star






 Bob McClure

Bob is the CCN Sunrise Money & Markets Segment Star






 Cheryl Bauman

Cheryl is the CCN Sunrise Travel Segment Star






 F. Lee Reynolds

Lee is the CCN Sunrise Saluting History Segment Star






 Baldwin Chiu

Baldwin is the CCN Sunrise Sci-Tech Segment Star




CCN & CCN Sunrise Crew

Tami DeVine

Tami DeVine is the President of Crown City Media, CCN’s parent company, and President/CEO of the International Media Training Center.  Tami also serves as the anchor for CCN’s Game Changers program, although she now regularly steps behind the scenes to help with various administrative tasks relating to the show. Tami has also worked in several network affiliate newsrooms across the US and brings her valuable reporting experience to CCN along with conducting many other tasks including editing, marketing and much more for Crown City Media. Tami also has a strong passion for helping her community, and has served on local boards including the North Lake Village Business Association. Tami and CCN Executive Producer Chavel DeVine got married in 2006 and have two sons, Beau and Benjamin.

Chavel J. DeVine

Chavel J. DeVine is the Executive Producer of Crown City News. He and Tami created CCN in November of 2004. Chavel worked for 11 years for the Pasadena Community Access Corporation before creating ‘Dena Boys Production Company with a business partner. He later helped create Crown City Media, LLC, CCN’s parent company. He now works full-time as the training and technology director for Pasadena Media while continuing to bring ideas and creative graphic designs to Crown City News and its special coverage of events such as the Pasadena Marathon. He and Tami got married in 2006 and are the proud parents of their two sons, Beau and Benjamin.

Grant Derderian

Grant Derderian is the Website Administrator for Grant joined CCN when he was 13 and has previously served as technical director for Crown City News. He also kept viewers informed on the latest happenings in the world of technology through his “Tech Byte” segment. Grant also serves as an editor and writer for Crown City News’ online news site. Grant designed and built the Crown City News website and is happy to be a volunteer for Crown City News supporting the local community. Away from CCN, Grant is a full-time college student who maintains an avid interest in technology.