Pasadena Based East West Bank Pays Back All TARP Funds


Pasadena, CA – December 29, 2010 – East West Bancorp, Inc. (Nasdaq: EWBC), parent company of East West Bank, one of the nation’s premier regional banks, is pleased to announce today that it has fully repaid the $306.5 million of preferred stock issued to the U.S. Treasury Department under the TARP Capital Purchase Program.

East West’s strong capital levels, balance sheet, and profitability allowed the Company to exit TARP without raising any capital or debt. East West used available cash to fund the repurchase of the preferred stock of $306.5 million and payment of the final dividend of $1.8 million.

East West’s September 30, 2010 regulatory capital ratios and pro forma capital ratios excluding the repurchased preferred stock are detailed in the table below. East West’s pro forma September 30, 2010 regulatory capital ratios all significantly exceed the well-capitalized requirements. Even after the repayment of TARP, our capital ratios are among he highest in the nation.

The preferred stock was issued at a discount and the repurchase will accelerate the accretion of this discount. While this accretion will not impact net income, it will result in a one-time non-cash reduction in net income available to common shareholders of approximately $18.7 million. Combined with the final dividend payment of $1.8 million, the Company’s fourth quarter diluted earnings per share will be reduced by $0.14.

The repayment of the TARP funds will save the Company $15.3 million in preferred dividend payments or approximately $0.10 per diluted share on an annual basis beginning in 2011. In the first quarter of 2011, East West intends to repurchase the outstanding warrant, which allows the U.S. Treasury to purchase 1.5 million shares of the Company’s common stock.

About East West

East West Bancorp is a publicly owned company with $20.4 billion in assets and is traded on the Nasdaq Global Select Market under the symbol “EWBC”. The Company’s wholly owned subsidiary, East West Bank, is one of the largest independent commercial banks headquartered in California with over 130 locations worldwide, including the U.S. markets of California, New York, Georgia, Massachusetts, Texas and Washington. In Greater China, East West’s presence includes a full service branch in Hong Kong and representative offices in Beijing, Shanghai, Shenzhen and Taipei.  Through a wholly-owned subsidiary bank, East West’s presence in Greater China also includes full service branches in Shanghai and Shantou and representative offices in Beijing and Guangzhou. For more information on East West Bancorp, visit the Company’s website at

Forward-Looking Statements

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