Letter to the Editor: More General Plan!

By Sierra Madre Watchman, Special for the Sierra Madre Weekly

The Sierra Madre Planning Commission had another three-hour session on the update to the General Plan.

First, they talked about a bike lane for Sierra Madre Blvd. Most of the bickers that come through the City do that on Saturday morning and they are passing through to finish in La Canada. Most are not from town and are only passing through. Did we make a lane for horses? Of course not! The street was paved to accommodate automobiles. Fortunately, this discussion was set-aside.

Then, followed a discussion on the replacement of sidewalks – it was mentioned that when redevelopment is to be done, then make the owner replace the sidewalk at the owner’s expense. Historically, the owners were required to pay for the sidewalk one time, not over and over. Does the redevelopment fee cover sidewalk replacement? Fortunately, this, too, was set-aside.

A long time was spent on the discussion of historical homes in the City. This type of discussion has been going on for many, many years by the “no change group” in town. They try to say that any house that is old is historical and should not be replaced and rather than that it should also be controlled by the City. The Jameson House was mentioned and when that was being worked on, the house was moved, a kitchen and bathroom added and long winded discussion of the chimney. The owner also submitted five samples of the spindles for the restoration of the front porch. No-one on the City staff could decide which spindle to use. Does the City’s control of these things seem wise?

All of this discussion seems to be aimed at more and more regulation and control over personal property Does the owner have any rights over how his or her property is to be developed? The City has already overruled the CC&R’s that might exist on the subdivision. There are already so many rules and regulations on personal property and the people do not need more of them.

Put the General Plan update to bed and be done with it without more and more costs to the taxpayer.

Anyone care to voice their opinion?

Sierra Madre Watchman

Featured image from Sierra Madres’ Website: http://www.cityofsierramadre.com/departments/administrative-services.

Source Beacon Media News