Mountain Biker Suffers a 75-Foot Fall off Cliff in Angeles National Forest


Sherriff’s Air Rescue 5 lifts off as bystanders look on.

An unfortunate mountain biker fell 75 feet off a cliff on the Sam Merrill Trail, located in the Angeles National Forest. This incident occurred on the morning of May 2 at approximately 10:15 a.m.

The biker was up two miles on the trail when he moved aside to let a hiker pass by, causing a tire to slip off the road. Both the biker and the bike tumbled off the cliff.

Several bystanders immediately contacted 911. The Los Angeles County Fire Department received the call and requested aid from the Altadena Mountain Rescue Team. Firefighters cleared the park as the Sherriff’s Air Rescue 5, a helicopter that specializes in search and rescue operations in Los Angeles County, touched ground. As soon as Sherriff’s Air Rescue 5 lifted up into the air, the other park patrons were allowed to return to the area.

The victim was flown to Farnsworth Park, where he was treated for minor abrasions along with his arms and legs and was later released by L.A. County Fire paramedics.

The biker, a 52-year-old male resident of Pasadena, expressed gratitude for the quick response.