The Dirty Deputy

The “Dirty Deputy” is probably not going to be Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Deputy Noe Ramos’ favorite nickname, but he’s earned it and because of that, he’s getting recognition from his colleagues for bravery.  If your brain went straight to the gutter when you read the headline, well, you were cdirty sheriffs deputylose.  It wasn’t quite a gutter that made the deputy so dirty, more like the side of a cliff in the Angeles National Forest.

Sunday night, August 30th, at 8:40 a car went over the the side of the road and fell 300 feet down the mountain at Glendora Mountain Road and Glendora Ridge Mtwy, about 6 miles north of Glendora.  Investigators say 2 of the people in the car weren’t wearing their seatbelts.  They were ejected from the car.  Deputy Ramos, a first aid and CPR instructor, and Deputy Jeff DeMooy of the San Dimas Sheriff’s Station were first on the scene.  Ramos heard six people were still in the Audi, and scrambled down the embankment with the help of DeMooy.  Some passers-by also helped.  Ramos stayed with all six victims, providing medical triage until they could be safely removed from the crash site and taken to the hospital.

Ramos says he got “a little dirty” from breathing dirt and helicopter fuel as he helped rescue the 6 people involved in the crash.  San Dimas Station deputies, San Dimas Mountain Rescue reserve sheriff deputies, Los Angeles County Fire Department firefighters, Angeles National Forest rescuers, and California Highway Patrol (CHP) officers all pitched in, with the fire department airlifting several of the victims.  A fire truck helped light the scene, and CHP is investigating the crash.

Authorities say some of the injuries are very serious and warn everyone to buckle up in the car and drivers to slow down on the mountain roads.