What Floats? Anti-Trump Skywriting Upstages Rose Parade

The Star Wars float and several bands received little attention as they rolled past Colorado Blvd. and Mar Vista avenue between the Michael’s and Pep Boys IMG_20160101_100706856in Pasadena. Most eyes were riveted on the next words of the sky writer. “America is great! Trump is disgusting.  IMG_20160101_100048785 IMG_20160101_100001072Anybody but Trump. Trump loves only Trump.” These are a few of the words anti-Trump Skywriting blasted across the sky against Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump.

Speculation from the crowd as to who was behind the Skywriting grew as Rose Parade watchers tried to figure out what the next words would be. The words kept coming during a second pass even as I post this. At the end of the second pass, sky watchers saw “Trump is a fascist dictator.”  It’s going to be a fun election season.