San Gabriel Complex Fire Now 72% Contained, More residents allowed to return home

By Jason Gehrlein

The San Gabriel Complex Fire, which burned 5,399 acres in eight days, is now mostly contained according to the Angeles National Forest service.

Firefighter are steadily making their way up the precipitous, rough land of the San Gabriel Mountains as they continue to put out the twin fires.

The San Gabriel Complex Fire is the combination of two different fires. One known as the Reservoir fire, which was started by a fatal car crash near the Morris Dam on Highway 39. The second fire, known as the Fish fire, ignited near Fish Canyon in Duarte. The cause of this fire is still being investigated by officials.

Many residents who ere forced to evacuate due to the Fish fire are now being allowed to return to their homes. All residents who live in the Mountain Cove and Rainbow Ranch areas of the city of Azusa along with Sunnydale, Mount Olive and High Mesa areas of the city of Duarte will be able return to their homes.

Despite the success of containing the fire thus far, firefighters have a challenge this week as temperatures are predicted to raise 100 throughout this week.

Currently there are over 481 firefighters assigned to the fire. Along with the firefighters over 50 vehicles are being used to neutralize the fire.

There have been no reports of damaged structures caused by the fire. However the fire forced the evacuations of over 1,300 homes in the Azusa and Duarte area over the last week.

At the moment there is no timetable for when the fires will be fully contained.