Man Sentenced to Life For San Gabriel and Las Vegas Murders

A San Gabriel murder case that began in 2008 and included a 2012 conviction in Nevada finally concluded on May 27 when 30-year-old Xioaye Bai was sentenced to life in prison without parole on counts of first-degree and attempted murder.

According to Deputy District Attorney Theodore Swanson, the initial incident occurred on Dec. 4, 2008. Bai was at a restaurant in San Gabriel and became involved in an altercation with several patrons when he proceeded to fire nine shots at 21-year-old Zhe Li, killing him. After shooting Li, Bai then shot and injured a second man, though that victim was able to survive.

Bai left for Las Vegas after the killing, where a subsequent crime led to him being found guilty of first-degree murder and many counts of attempted murder in 2012. In Las Vegas, Bai stabbed and killed one man and injured many others. He was sentenced to life in prison without parole in a Nevada court.

Bai was prosecuted for the 2008 murder after the 2012 conviction, so he was relocated back to Los Angeles County from Las Vegas. At the trial, his prior conviction in Nevada became a special circumstance that opened the possibility of a harsher sentence. In the 2008 killing, the jury found true that Bai directly caused the murder by personally shooting his gun.

The LA County Sheriff’s Department presided over the 2008 case.