Suspect in West Covina Three-Car Collision Charged With Six Counts

Courtesy Los Angeles County District Attorney's Office

Courtesy Los Angeles County District Attorney’s Office

A previous story reported on a three-car crash that occurred in West Covina Monday evening. Today the LA County District Attorney’s Office announced that the suspect of the crash, 26-year-old Robert Lopez, has six charges against him in a felony complaint filed after Lopez led police on a high-speed chase before causing the crash.

On July 18 Lopez was reportedly spotted by police when he was driving faster than the speed limit and ran a stop sign, initiating a pursuit when officers failed to pull him over. As reported in the earlier story, Lopez crashed into two other cars, a Nissan Maxima and a Ford Expedition, at the Francisquito and Walnut intersections, injuring every occupant in both cars as well as himself. Lopez is suspected of driving under the influence of alcohol during the incident. West Covina Police Department and California Highway Patrol are handling this ongoing investigation.

Because Lopez sped away from police and caused the three-car collision that resulted in serious injuries to 8 people, he has been charged with three counts of fleeing from police in pursuit and causing serious injuries. The complaint also included that Lopez had a prior DUI conviction last year, so three additional counts against Lopez relate to his prior offense. These counts are a repeat DUI offense in less than 10 years, repeat DUI offense that led to injury, and driving with a suspended license.

The Pomona Branch of the LA County Superior Court will hold arraignment on an unknown future date.