Pomona Man Charged With Capital and Attempted Murder

The Los Angeles County District Attorney’s Office announced on Tuesday that a Pomona man was charged with capital and attempted murder during a shooting last Saturday.

Courtesy photo from Morguefile.com

Courtesy photo from Morguefile.com

The shooter, 23-year-old Robert Bogan, reportedly drove alongside a car in the San Antonio and Holt area of Pomona and fired multiple shots at the two occupants on July 23. Patrolling officers heard the noise and arrived at the scene, where they located both cars. Bogan was found and arrested not an hour after the shooting. The female victim, 34-year-old Debbie Gutierrez, was transported to a hospital and later died from her injuries while her male companion survived with non-life threatening wounds.

In addition to being charged with felony murder and attempted murder, Bogan acquired special circumstance allegation stemming from firing a handgun from his car with the intent to kill. He also has a previous conviction from 2012 for using threat or force to coerce a victim and for cocaine possession with the intent to sell.

Bogan’s arraignment will be held August 28 at Department N of the Los Angeles County Superior Court, Pomona Branch. He is being held at no bail while prosecutors will discuss if the death penalty or life in prison without parole will be suitable.

Featured image courtesy morguefile.com