Marijuana Deliveryman Arrested After Pursuit By South Pasadena Police

A suspect who attempted to force a marijuana delivery was arrested Tuesday night following a 30 minute police pursuit in and around South Pasadena.



The suspect in question is connected to an ongoing investigation being conducted by the South Pasadena Police Department regarding a failed marijuana delivery. The suspect is part of a marijuana delivery service, and he reportedly spewed multiple death threats at a female customer when he became furious after disagreeing on her payment and subsequent delivery of marijuana.

With this preliminary information in mind, police conducted a stakeout at the female customer’s residence because they had reason to believe the suspect would return to her house to demand payment. Indeed, the suspect did arrive at the customer’s house again, but sped away in his car when police tried to arrest him which prompted the pursuit.

Police chased the suspect for about half an hour through South Pasadena, Pasadena, Alhambra, Los Angeles, and Glendale before the suspect abandoned his car in a Glendale Community College parking lot to flee on foot. Police continued their pursuit and finally nabbed the suspect without incident after setting up a perimeter around the area. They also discovered a substantial amount of marijuana in the suspect’s car that was ready to deliver. Pasadena Police Department Aero Bureau assisted in the arrest by providing its helicopter. Amazingly, there were no injuries nor traffic accidents that resulted from the pursuit.

The suspect will be charged with three felony counts of criminal threats, evasion, and transportation for selling drugs.

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