Woman Sentenced For Montebello Robbery and Shooting

A Los Angeles woman involved in a Montebello robbery and restaurant shooting received 23 years in state prison, the Los Angeles County District Attorney’s Office announced Wednesday.

Image courtesy morguefile.com

Image courtesy morguefile.com

22-year-old Toni Danielle Lopez was an accomplice with Kevin Fierro and Roger Soriano when they went to rob a 17-year-old boy on July 15, 2015. Shortly after the robbery occurred on Whitter Boulevard in East Los Angeles, they proceeded to rob a Montebello restaurant a few minutes after midnight. Lopez waited in the car while Fierro and Soriano went inside to snatch restaurant property. Soriano shot the restaurant owner once but was killed when the owner fired back and shot both Soriano and Fierro. Fierro was able to flee from the owner but died not far from the premises, while Lopez drove away after the shooting occurred.

Lopez was charged with two counts of attempted murder and second-degree robbery to which she pleaded no contest and also confirmed gun and gang affiliations before Los Angeles County Superior Court Judge Henry Hall sentenced her to 23 years in state prison.

Montebello Police Department handled the investigation and Deputy District Attorney Simone Shay was prosecutor for this case.

Featured image courtesy Los Angeles County District Attorney’s Office