Man Sentenced to Prison for Alhambra Burglary

18-year-old Deonte Jerome Pinker was sentenced to four years in state prison for burglarizing an Alhambra home. He had two accomplices, Tavionne Eugene Davenport, 20, and Keith Vincent Wickware, 22. Davenport was also sentenced to four years in state prison, and Wickware was sentenced to nine. The three men broke into an Alhambra home on May 19. Once the police were notified and arrived at the house, they all ran from the scene. Pinker and Wickerware were located and arrested, and Davenport struck a police dog while running from it. He then struggled with police before finally being arrested. This case was investigated by The Alhambra Police Department.


Featured image courtesy Alhambra Source


  1. Hunter Reply

    Wonder why people try to rob others, i mean to they even care about the consequences of their actions or the effects that it could have on the resident(s)?? Glad they got locked up though

  2. Emmy company Reply

    thank for share

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