Pasadena Firefighters Prepare For Rose Bowl Fireworks

On the eve of triple digit temperatures this weekend, Pasadena Firefighters sprayed a chemical fire retardant on the brush surrounding the Rose Bowl to prevent any brush fires before, and during, Monday’s fireworks show at the Rose Bowl. Pasadena Fire Chief Dennis Downs also warned the public that fireworks are illegal in the City of Pasadena, as well as most areas in Los Angeles County.

Phos-Chek, the clear fire retardant being sprayed around the Rose Bowl, is just one of many precautionary measures being taken by the Fire Department leading up to the Fourth of July. Firefighters also say that they will be conducting vehicle checkpoints around the Rose Bowl to seize any illegal fireworks, and, if you are caught using or possessing them, officials say could be fined up to $50,000, lose your vehicle, and go to jail

Firefighters said they want the public to instead enjoy a safe and professional show at a nearby venue such as the Rose Bowl.