District 7 Debate to Focus on Finances and Development

Update:  The list of candidates names was updated to show Sheena Tahilramani, not Anthony Miranda, as one of the candidates.  We regret the error.

The five candidates running for Terry Tornek’s vacated seat following his election as mayor of the city of Pasadena will be vying for votes tonight at Caltech.  Tornek appointed Innovate Pasadena founder Andy Wilson to the seat.  On Tuesday March 7, the voters will decide who will be their chosen candidate to represent them.

A debate is takinOKNA Debateg place between Andy Wilson, Phil Hosp, Alejandro Mechaca, Sheena Tahilramani, and Bryan Witt.  Wilson and Hosp are considered to be the front runners.

The debate will be moderated by yours truly, Tami DeVine, president of Crown City Network.  It’s taking place this evening at 7pm at Caltech’s Beckman Institute, not to be confused with Beckman Auditorium.

The debate will include questions from the moderator as well as questions from the audience.  The Oak Knoll Neighborhood Association and Madison Heights Neighborhood Association are hosting the debate.

Organizers say how the city handles finances and development are issues that concern many in the community, and that they anticipate district 7 residents will ask plenty of questions about these and other important issues.