What’s Going On with Crown City News?

cnnplainFor all of you wondering what’s been happening with Crown City News, here’s an update!  Crown City News is becoming Crown City Network.  We’re in the process of creating a 24/7 TV Channel that also streams Online.  You’ll notice some changes with the format moving forward.  Here’s a breakdown of some things you’ll find different:

  1. New Look – We’re changing everything over to a new look and feel, new graphics.  A new look has been long overdue and the website look and feel will soon change as well.  Don’t worry, it’ll be even better!
  2. Scope of News – There are so many news worthy stories happening all over our country and internationally, that we don’t want to miss out on sharing those stories with you.  Stories you might not get through traditional media sources.  So we will begin sharing national and international news stories with you in video and written form.  We still remain dedicated to our brand of hyper-local story telling, though.  So those of you in the San Gabriel Valley we have interviewed and provided a platform for throughout the last decade, don’t worry!  We’ll still bring you local news from the Crown City and the SGV.  We’re just venturing outside our borders now and providing you with more stories than ever before.
  3. Commentary – We’ve watched the decline of journalism in traditional outlets and always saw a simple fix:  Label news as news and commentary as commentary.  From time to time we will provide commentary, but we will always make sure you know that this is opinion from our opinion writers or from guest writers.  We have always been committed to making sure nobody’s voice is ever shut down on Crown City News and now on Crown City Network.  So you will hear and read stories and commentary from at times a very liberal perspective and at times a very conservative perspective.  Don’t go away mad when you see something you disagree with, join in, jump into the conversation with your point of view.  We’ll welcome it.  But… there’s aways a but, isn’t there?  Disclaimer:  as always, the thoughts and opinions expressed by others on this website and on Crown City Network are not necessarily those of Crown City Network.
  4. Alternative Programming – We are dedicating ourselves to being media leaders   That means we will seek out and post interviews and stories that you will not find anywhere else.  We will be first with these stories and we hope you will join us in the discussions sure to follow.  We’d like to make Crown City Network a community where everyone feels comfortable enough to express themselves freely and fearlessly.  The only thing we ask is that you keep the conversation at a pretty high level.  Let’s keep it clean enough so that our kids who may be passing by and glancing at the screen aren’t scarred for life.  We’ll be doing our best to keep the discussions family friendly.
  5. Censorship – We’re not in favor of it (yes, the preceding paragraph makes this sound like a contradiction, but it’s not).  We have no plans to crack down on “Fake News” as are some of the online giants.  As you can see it’s working against them.  Stock prices and ad revenues are falling all over the place.  The phrase is too broad and fake news tends to be in the eye of the beholder.  Some of our content may get censored on some of the major social media outlets.  If that happens we’ll guide you to other communities that allow it.
  6. Variety – Crown City Network will now be providing content featuring people from all walks of life.  We’ll also allow for advertising, and featuring and promoting select products, services and websites because hey, we all need to make money, right?  So please always weigh in and let us know what you think about any of the outside partners you see here and on TV.
  7. Jargon – For us older folks … in case you didn’t realize it, there’s a whole new world out there of smart young people who do not talk like or think like the Gen X’ers and Baby Boomers.  They have their own at times salty language of text speak, acronyms, memes and more.  You’re going to see a lot of that now on Crown City Network, on this website and on TV.  Don’t let it scare you away.  Just do a quick search and jump right back in.  You’ll find that many, many Millenials, Generation Z, and Generation D who have only lived in the time of smart phones, iphones, ipads, wifi and online streaming are brilliant, hilarious, and fun.  They are making a HUGE impact on news and politics, and the sooner us old fogies get that, the less we’ll be shocked when we find out  they’re practically already running the world!  With that:

TL;DR:  New stuff is happening with Crown City Network.  Join us!  More details to come soon on the official launch of Crown City Network on TV.  We’re already streaming new shows and segments online.  Let us know if you’d like to advertise or partner with us.  Please subscribe to our social networks!!