Based Stickman: Conservatives Should Marry and Have Lots of Kids

Kyle “Based Stickman” Chapman visited the Crown City Network studio recently and talked on-camera with Tami DeVine on the CCN Show Tami’s Take.  He surprised Tami with some breaking news, announcing that he was starting a new organization dedicated to creating “alpha males.”

“This Peter Pan stuff of men going into their late thirties, not having kids, not getting married, and not settling down, that’s gotta stop,” said Chapman. “We need to have a focus back on the family, settling down, getting married,having kids, having lots of kids and embracing those traditional American values again,” he continued.

“Ooh, you’re going to ruffle a lot of feathers with all this,” Tami responded.  Take a look at more of the interview:

Chapman became a new media celebrity known as the “Based Stickman” when he donned protective gear during a free speech event at the University of Berkeley and beat a member of the Antifa (for Anti-fascism) group, who he says were attacking women and the elderly, over the head with a closet rod.