Goldilocks’ Three Bears? The Robbery-tale

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Too big, too small, just right? This is not your beloved Goldilocks fairytale. Three males, all around 20 years old, reportedly held a local San Marino man at gunpoint threatening him for the keys to his house. An ongoing investigation is taking place regarding a 9-1-1 call for a robbery that took place early the morning of June 14, 2017. One of the suspects demanded the victim stay in his car while the other two subsequently entered the home. Even more frightening, reportedly the victim’s adult son was inside on the second story asleep. The San Marino police department arrived promptly after the call and officers conducted a successful rescue mission before searching the house to no avail. The suspects’ vehicle was not seen or heard leaving the scene, leaving just as furtive as they arrived. Were the suspects scared off or did they not find what they were looking for? Regardless of the answer the police need your help!

This is an ongoing investigation.

If you have any information please feel free to contact Detective Garcia at 626-300-0726. Refer to Case CR17-0527.