California Legislature is First in the US to Name Freeway for President Barack H. Obama

SaImage result for freewayscramento, CA:  State Senator Anthony J. Portantino (DLa Cañada Flintridge) is proud to announce that SJR 8, a Senate Joint Resolution to name a portion of the 134 freeway in Los Angeles County the President Barack H. Obama Freeway, has passed both the State Senate and the State Assembly.  As a result, the 134 freeway from the 2 freeway to the 210 Freeway interchange will be named in honor of our 44th President.

President Obama used this portion of California’s freeway system to travel from his college home in Pasadena to Occidental College.  President Obama attended Occidental his freshman and sophomore years and has attributed his time there as the beginning of his political activism.  It is the place where he gave his first political speech.

“I am so proud to have authored this proposal to forever appreciate and commemorate President Obama’s tremendous legacy, statesmanship and direct connection to Southern California.  When my friend John Gallogly suggested the idea I was touched that he suggested it to me and extremely honored to be in a position to bring it to fruition.  It is also quite appropriate and symbolic that the California legislature would pass this Resolution for a compassion-filled President filled with compassion on the same day we witness another President turn his back on 800,000 children,” commented Portantino.

After the City of Pasadena placed a plaque in front of the home where President Obama lived when he was a student, local activist John Gallogly approached Portantino with the suggestion to name the 134 freeway after the President.  Portantino ran with the idea and authored SJR 8 the very next week. Senator Portantino currently represents Pasadena and represented the Los Angeles Eagle Rock neighborhood where Occidental is located while in the State Assembly.

“It is so important that California highlights the dignity of President Obama.  His direct connection to Southern California in general and to the 134 freeway specifically makes this the appropriate and exciting place to recognize his tremendous accomplishments and the Presidential manner in which he led our country.  It is a plus for our region that Anthony is so connected to the grassroots and that he takes our suggestions to heart,” added Gallogly.

SJR 8 passed with bipartisan support in the Assembly and the State Senate.  Recently sworn-in Congressman Jimmy Gomez succeeded Portantino in representing Eagle Rock in the Assembly and is a co-author of the Senate Resolution.

Tina Hillstrom with Real Women 4 Trump has opposing views on the matter.

“Well just like Woodrow Wilson has bridges and highways and John F. Kennedy has expressways and Memorial Highway’s and Ronald Ragan house freeways and skyscrapers,  I believe every president whether you agree with their politics or not, it’s an honor to have a road, a building, a ship, a plane highway or bridge named after them.

Barack Obama should be no different. Even though Barack Obama was my least favorite president of all time, all of US history, respectively I think it is fitting that he has a highway named after him and in the most perfect state is California

They mirror each other.

It is the most liberal state outside of New York. And Obama couldn’t be any more liberal if he was he would be well I guess he is a socialist.  It’s the highest taxed state & the least respectful to the middle class & the poor, it has a false sense of freedom of speech behind the smoke and mirrors of Hollywood and Barack Obama was probably the best at smoke and mirrors. Between golf games and paying ransom to our enemy he forgot when he penned DACA that it wasn’t legal then Tweets Trump is not being very nice. Remind Obama it wasn’t very nice when he ruined healthcare in America.

With that being said  California is on one of the steepest decline  in quality of living in the nation. Taxes, housing, immigration, public schools and hospitals are substandard. The regulations that crush small businesses can’t make a profit &  horrible traffic takes you forever to get home after you’ve been at work all day on some of the worst roads in the country.  These are some of the primary contributing factors of why  600,000 people leaving California each year.  I couldn’t think of any other state than California that should be more befitting  to carry Barack Obama’s name on the freeway that’s leading you in a better direction. Out of California.”