FBI Puts Out a Notice for The “Seasoned Bandit”

Authorities are asking for citizens help in identifying and locating a criminal known as the “Seasoned Bandit,” a criminal associated with at least 8 bank robberies since April 2017.
FBI and law enforcement partners in Los Angeles and Santa Barbara counties, described the suspect as a white male in his 50’s or 60’s who wears casual clothing, a hat and sunglasses, and is seen in bank surveillance photographs being distributed to the press.
They also noted that he passes a note in which he demands a cash and threatens a gun if the victim teller does not comply with his demands.  As per a news release from the FBI, the banks linked to the seasoned bandit’s criminal activities are listed below:
Montecito Bank & Trust 4/27/17 Carpinteria
Union Bank 05/24/17 Carpinteria
Wells Fargo 6/12/17 Newhall
Chase Bank 6/27/17 Newhall
Golden 1 07/07/17 Goleta
Logix FCU 07/25/17 Valencia
California Credit Union 08/10/17 Valencia
Wescom Credit Union 08/21/17 Stevenson Ranch
Coast Hills Credit Union 9/6/17 Santa Maria
Anyone with information as to the identity or whereabouts of the Seasoned Bandit is urged to contact the law enforcement agencies investigating this case or dial 911. In Los Angeles the FBI may be reached 24 hours a day at 310 477-6565.
From a press release from the FBI.

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