FBI advises be on the lookout for the “Southbay Bandit”

FBI and several local police agencies are on the look out for a robbery suspect known as the “Southbay Bandit.” Three banks, not including one failed attempt, have been robbed, all within the Southbay district.

The suspect, is described as a black female, approximately 5’3″ with a medium build, wears dark casual clothing and sunglasses, and can be seen in bank surveillance photographs being distributed to the press.

The suspect says little, although she passes a note demanding “thousands in cash,” one of which contained a threat suggesting that the victim was being watched by an armed “associate,” that the teller must comply with the demand for cash in order to avoid getting hurt. El Segundo, Torrance, and Gardena were all hit by the “Southbay Bandit,” over this past summer.

As per an advisory from the FBI, “Anyone with information as to the identity or whereabouts of the Southbay Bandit is urged to contact the FBI, law enforcement agencies investigating this case or to dial 911. In Los Angeles the FBI may be reached 24 hours a day at 310 477-6565. The investigation of the Southbay Bandit is being conducted by law enforcement partners with the Manhattan Beach Police Department; the El Segundo Police Department.