Girlfriend of Suge Knight and a Business Partner of his, Charged with Crime


The Los Angeles County District Attorney’s Office announced today that Suge Knight’s Girlfriend, Toilin Kelly, along with his business partner Mark Blankenship, has been indicted for allegedly violating a court order. They were charged with selling video evidence that is under seal in connection with the murder trial of former rap mogul Marion “Suge” Knight, as a grand jury returned the indictment against them on July 28th, for one felony count each of conspiracy to violate a court order, conspiracy to obstruct justice and conspiracy to commit grand theft.

The two are accused or arranging the sale of a video of a fatal hit-and-run involving Knight about two weeks after the January 29th, 2015 incident. Marion “Suge” Knight, is still awaiting trial for allegedly killing Terry Carter and injuring another man he hit with his truck.

The prosecutor had filed a motion for a protective order that prohibited the release of any evidence in the murder case, including the video, from being released to the public. According to the indictment, Knight’s girlfriend and a business partner had spent nearly a month brokering a deal with TMZ, a celebrity news website, and were allegedly aware the video was under a protective order. Kelley reached a deal worth $55,000 allegedly, and TMZ posted the video on its site days later.

Kelley and Blankenship each face up to three years in state prison that could be served in local custody if charged.

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