Northern California Fires Continue to Destroy

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The growing fires in Northern California have grown, with at least 25 people dead and 285 people missing. Citizens in Calistoga and Geyserville have been ordered to leave their homes, just two of many evacuations across the North Bay.

In Sonoma County alone, more than 25,000 people have been evacuated, Napa city officials have issued evacuation alerts, as well as Santa Rosa police have advised residents to evacuate. “We’ve had big fires in the past, this is one of the biggest,” said Governor Jerry Brown.

Recently the northern California fires have scorched an estimated 17,000 acres, and around 3,5000 structures have been destroyed.Vice President Mike Pence announced that President Donald Trump approved a major disaster declaration for California.

Several thousand firefighters from all over California have been deployed to battle the fire, as well as some strike teams from the North, and, the National Guard had deployed six additional helicopters as of Wednesday. Most of these fires will take days, if not weeks, to fully put out, advised Cal Fire spokesperson Daniel Berlant.

Huge swaths of Santa Rosa county have already been leveled by the fire, in Sonoma County where most of the casualties have taken place.

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