Woman Found Guilty of Grand Theft

isRomina Aida Zadorian, date of birth 10/6/69, accused of defrauding dozens of victims seeking immigration services, has been charged with 48 felony counts, 29 counts of grand theft of personal property and six counts of forgery relating to an item exceeding $950 in value.

She is also charged with three counts each of false government documents activity, criminal threats and extortion; two counts of first-degree residential burglary; one count each of dissuading a witness from reporting a crime and petty theft with three priors, and excessive-taking allegations of more than $150,000.00.  She was previously convicted in 2009 for various counts of grand theft.

She was alleged to have operated a fraudulent immigration services business at her Montebello residence between April 1, 2015 and March 11, 2017. The defendant is accused of falsely promising to expedite the processing of visas, resident alien cards and citizenship petitions for the victims and their families. She told victims that she worked for the government and had special government connections, also that she was an attorney.

Zadorian is accused of pretending to provide services by filing inapplicable immigration forms with immigration authorities. She is also said to have collected $223,500 from 32 victims and did not provide the promised services. Her bail is recommended at $1.2 million and if convicted, she faces a maximum sentence of 37 years in state prison.