Angel Rojo Charged with Second-Degree Murder and More


The Los Angeles County District Attorney’s Office announced that Angel Rojo, 28-years old, was sentenced yesterday to 63 years to life in state prison for a hit-and-run collision that resulted in his passenger’s death. Rojo was convicted of five counts in case KA0105000 that includes second-degree murder, petty theft, dissuading a witness by force or threat, prevent/dissuade witness/victim from reporting a crime, and hit-and-run driving resulting in death or serious injury to another person. A jury also found true gang and great bodily injury allegations.

Deputy DA Ross Alari who prosecuted the case, said that several men including Rojo, were partying at a West Covina apartment complex, on March 8th 2014. As Mr. Rojo departed the area, he then threatened and took property from a woman before fleeing the scene.

He then drove away with his friend, Manuel Ernesto Rodriguez, and traveled at high speeds on city streets according to the prosecutor. Rojo then crashed his vehicle into a tree, killing Rodriguez, the suspect then threatened witnesses to the collision as he ran away from the scene. He was then apprehended by authorities soon after the crash in a nearby neighborhood.

The case was investigated by the West Covina Police Department.