Steve’s Election picks: Jungle Primary

GOVERNOR – I’m a leftist, but my pick for Governor would make it hard to prove that. Newsom is a pretty boy who except for illegally allowing gay marriage briefly was a pretty lackluster mayor. He’s been supported financially by the Getty Oil family in all his endeavors. Let that sink in  for  second. Villaregosa, as all Angelinos know, was in spite of high hopes, totally ineffective in office. Easton presided over a failed State Educational system. John Cox is a section 8 welfare queen from Chicago who seems to have made his money on cronyism, near as I can find out,  and can’t seem to decide where he stands on any issue. This only leaves TRAVIS ALLEN. Yep, I wrote that.
Travis Allen is a native Californian who has lived the Arc of the decent from greatness to tragedy. He understands that this has been accomplished by fifty years of ever increasingly dogmatic and stupid public policy. He is a Republican who doesn’t have issues with people of color and doesn’t care if you are gay or not, he wants you to prosper in California. He is the right choice.

Lt. GOVERNOR- well this is a cast of non luminaries if there ever was one. LYDIA ORTEGA seems to have a varied set of life experiences that should keep her from being a disconnected idiot, so I’m voting for her.

SECRETARY OF STATE- What does it mean when your present Secretary of State begs the State Democratic Central Committee for a statement that they believe there was no election fraud, and the committee refuses to give it? Well, I don’t know exactly, but something has been very off with the numbers in recent elections. That’s why I will not vote for Pedilla. I’m casting my ballot for MARK P. MEUSER because he is an elections attorney who understands something is presently very wrong.

CONTROLLER- BETTY YEE, she’s the incumbent, she is doing a good job.

TREASURER- JACK W. GUERRERO – CPA. That’s good, he will need the training, but more important, he is a City Councilman so he understands the terrible impact unfunded mandates have  on local government.

ATTORNEY GENERAL- Whoever you vote for, don’t vote for the incumbent who is hell bent on a secessionist Confederate States Rights view of the law. A very STRANGE position for a AG to take and use taxpayer money to pursue. I chose ERIC EARLY because as a small business owner he understands the nightmarish regulatory burden California businesses are under and how this burden is corroding our entire society.

INSURENCE COMMISSIONER- A field of pure sludge. It really doesn’t matter they are each and all terrible.

STATE BOARD OF EQUALIZATION- Yeah I know, who are these guys? I actually met G. RICK MARSHALL at a Altadena Town Council meeting. He vowed to bring a motion to dissolve the Board. Any guy running to disband his agency has my vote.

U.S. SENATOR- Lots of people running. The race is really down to Kevin De Leon and DIANNE FIENSTEIN. Hell has frozen over to a ball of dry ice, I am supporting that crony capitalist war monger Fienstein over DeLeon because I just can’t vote for a man to be US Senator who had called for Secession against the United States over allowing illegal aliens or any group of immigrants unfettered immigration. There is a limit to the Region and nations holding capacity.  Ignoring those limits is the social economic and ecological disaster California has become.

U.S. REPRESENTATIVE- I Can’t Stand Judy Chu. She’s arrogant, has literally no achievements to boot, and is a robotic DNC talking point covered with human flesh. I met her opponent Bryan Witt at Zona ROza one morning as a DNC Committeeperson was attempting to convince him he had a obligation to the nation and party to not oppose Chu. His calm retorts gained my instant support and an instant donation. I have continued to donate to Bryan he is good on many issues, but he’s lost my support. He is wildly anti Israel and has made FB statements about the Zionist plots ect. Generally when I find an anti Zionist scratch the surface lightly and there is a Anti Semite. I’m not voting for either, but even if my worst suspicions about Bryan are true, he is still better than Chu.

STATE ASSEMBLY- I want my State Assemblyman to have both local governmental experience and small business owner experience. My Assemblyman, Chris Holden has both. He is a moderate and approachable Democrat who one can have a conversation with even when you don’t see eye to eye.

SUPERINTENDANT OF PUBLIC INSTRUCTION- MARSHALL TUCK seems to actually have a record of achievement and the CTA hates him, a good combination.

ASSESSOR- They all work in the Assessors office and I bet one is like the other, but JOHN LOEW seems to have a sense of humor, That’s rare in any office, so I went with him.

LA COUNTY SHERIFF- I didn’t vote for the incumbent. When he was chief in Long Beach he had all the same problems the LASD had- he didn’t solve them on that small scale and the LASD is still festering in puss. He got 100% of the LA Establishments support- a early warning sign something is wrong. He has made even crappier appointments than Baca. My Choice is ROBERT LINDSEY. The honest LASD staff I know support him.


68- NO!! Did you say Bond Measure and Climate Change in the same sentence? that equals boondoggle in my experience. NO.

69 NO! Look when you passed these taxes you said they were in a lock box…Now you have a new box with a stronger lock. If this measure is necessary, you lied to me last time and this time probably are too and there is no point. Of course if you didn’t lie last time there is also no point.

70 YES! Cap and trade is stupid and the Governor has been pouring the money into stupid projects like his crazy train to nowhere. I want the Legislature to go mon the record every time they spend this job crushing tax money so that at least it isn’t wasted after the sacrifices it has meant to blue collar Californians.

71- YES. No law should take effect till every vote for and against it is counted.

72 YES, but it should be REQUIRED that everyRain Capture improvement be exempted from taxation, not merely allowed. Well that is IF the State is REALLY short on water…


BERLINDA BROWN is the incumbent and she is doing a good job.


NO The PUSD Board is a putrid mess and the District is poorly run. This would EXTEND these twits terms 19 months. NO NO NO NEVER NO WAY NOOOOOOOOoooooooooooo!