Dr. McGee was right

Long ago, back almost before the dawn of time, I used to work for a radio preacher named Dr. J. Vernon McGee. Dr. McGee had a classic east Texas drawl and an amazing wit.

My job at his company, Through the Bible Radio, was to ship the weekly tape recordings to hundreds of stations nationwide and intake the prior weeks tapes and listen to them at double speed to make sure they were not damaged. Because of this I can drop into a East Texas radio preacher drawl in a nano second. There were some of Dr. McGee’s intros that were so cleverly and emphatically delivered that 40 years later they are instantly retrieved in my mind.

One of the sayings of Dr. McGee goes like this (hear it with that East Texas drawl) Frieends the Byebleh says Everuh mann is a LiAr. Everah day on the raYdeuh Ralphs an Albertson an Vons each claim they have lower prices ovah all. And Frieends prices arah hiah and Hiah evera day. Frieends, The Byebleh is right! Everah Man is ah LiAr!” Truer words were NEVER spoken.

According to government stats employment is up, unemployment is down. If you really understand how the figures are compiled all they mean is more and more unemployed people are losing their benefits and becoming more desperate. Every man is a liar.

This saying of Dr. McGee’s came to mind this week as I was listening to reports of Government statistics. Allegedly, the population of LA County has gone down over 700,000 in five years. Oddly there is tons of traffic, people everywhere and no softening of the real estate market. Something is wrong. Every man is a liar.

According to government stats homelessness in LA County is down 3% this year over last. Funny thing, there are more homeless encampments and more people one can observe in them than there were last year. Every man is a liar.

We have been told obvious lies for a long time by our government. We have acquiesced out of a sense both that the government wouldn’t ;ie and that it would be impolite to say the government would willfully lie….

But the OBVIOUSLY are,,

The Bible and Dr. McGee were right, every man is a liar.