The Strange Spectors of Bill Clinton

I was never a fan of Bill Clinton. It was his arrogant “Fly Over Zone” attitude to blue collar people when I was one, his misplaced assertion that Apps could be a economy, and his support for NAFTA. Yes, I’m a leftist, but I’m a NATIONALIST and screwing working people by the droves is screwing the whole Country. Getting elected on “I feel YOUR pain” and then multiplying it, just makes one a master level jerk.

This week someone asked old Slick Willie about his behavior with Monica Lewinski and it seems he just didn’t grovel enough. Media outrage all last night and all day today. You’d hardly know a election had happened. Bill said he had been paying for his deeds everyday since it happened. Not the right level of groveling. Said he had apologized to the world, the nation, his family and her family,(I choked at that, more below) but had never called her. Not enough groveling. The accusations from talk radio that Bill Clinton didn’t understand how he had “Ruined that poor girls life” have been un ending.

Generally, I wouldn’t defend Bill Clinton, But Oh Kelloggs Cornflakes, he deserves defending. First of all, Monica Lewinski was a full grown adult woman. She had the legal right to consent . Secondly, after the affair ended, Vernon Jordan was busily attempting to get Monica Lewinsky a pay off job. Jordan was outraged, Monica in full white woman feminist privilege wanted to get a job where she would receive six figures a year and not work ever, just because she had pleasured the President. Now I know, Bill abused his power he was her supervisor, a employee can never freely give consent blah blah .

There is just ONE LITTLE PROBLEM WITH THAT -MONICA’S MOTHER. You see Monica’s Mum was a second wave Feminist, She wrote a book. A well read at the time book about female empowerment. What was the book called? “How Any Woman Can Sleep Her Way To The TOP”. Yeah. That’s RIGHT boys and girls, This was who raised Monica Lewinski, a woman teaching women to weaponize their bodies for job advancement.

This is NOT an rare unknown technique. Yea I’m going to say it, many women use their bodies for job advancement. Willingly. With intention.
Back when I was on the Altadena Town Council, I had Councilman cards and Building Designer Cards. I noticed a very very odd thing: when I handed about 50% of women by Councilman card they were very very interested in my. I was funnier, more handsome, thinner and they would touch my upper arm in an extremely friendly manner. Oddly, no women did that when they got my designer card. I was just as short, bald and average in appearance as I really am, if I handed them my Designer card, but if I handed them my Councilmen card, you would have thought I was 1972 Robert Redford.

It took me a few months to figure out what was happening. It made me ill. I stopped handing Councilman card to women. Yeah I know that will anger some Feminist. Sure I’m the abuser here. No Not.

If we are going to talk about men and women in the workplace we have to be honest. Women are not always the victims, sometimes they are the predator. We have to understand that men are often the prey.

Bill Clinton owes no one but his wife and daughter an apology. Bill Clinton is the victim here.