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New “Pu**ygate” Scandal Grabs Sharpton, Omarosa Connections

Rev. Al Sharpton’s National Action Network (NAN) is investigating the Los Angeles chapter president Kisheen Wayne (K.W.) Tulloss for sexual harrassment of a former office manager. In a letter to Rev. Sharpton the now 23-year-old former office manager, who wants to only be referred to as “Jane Doe” says Tulloss asked her to consider dating married men, showed her videos of naked women, and asked her for oral sex by saying “can I eat your pu**sy?”

Tulloss is the pastor of “The Historical” Weller Street Missionary Baptist Church in Los Angeles, where reality star and former White House aide Omarosa Manigault Newman was ordained as a pastor. Tulloss is also the field representative for California’s 44th District U.S. Congresswoman Nanette Barragan. He is also married with children.

“Jane Doe” provided copies of a letter she sent in March of 2018 detailing the alleged sexual harrassment and the letter she received from a National Action Network lawyer. In “Doe’s” letter, she informs Sharpton that shortly after she was hired to work as office manager on August 1, 2016, Tulloss began to engage in improper professional behavior. After she turned him down, she says, “he told me – with a smile on his face – that he wasn’t trying to sleep with me.”

She also writes that 4 months later she realized that she was not the only woman Tulloss had approached. Doe writes that Tulloss told her the names of “multiple women in the organization with whom he has had sexual relationships” even showing her a video of a “nude woman shaking her behind on a bed.”

“Doe” wrote to Sharpton that because she could not afford a hotel room, Tulloss proposed she stay in his room when the Los Angeles Chapter went to Washington D.C. to protest President Donald Trump’s inauguration. “Despite my reservations,” she wrote, “I agreed. One morning, as I went to the bathroom to take a shower, Rev. Tulloss propositioned me for oral sex. He blatantly asked me, ‘Can I eat your pu**y?’ I denied his inappropriate and offensive advance and left the hotel room.” She quit her job three months later.

“Doe” went on to write to Sharpton that for nearly ten months she endured a constant barrage of sexually offensive remarks and vulgar jokes and that Tulloss directly and indirectly propositioned her for sexual favors. Doe wrote that she found his behavior to be “deeply wounding” and that the actions made it “extremely uncomfortable” for her to feel safe in her job.

“Doe” wrote to Sharpton that she stands in solidarity with other women who experienced Tulloss’ “predatory behavior” and that together they are prepared to stop Tulloss’ “treatment of his female employees as sexual objects.”

An attorney for NAN replied to “Doe’s” letter nearly one month later, writing that they acknowledged receiving her letter and emails to NAN’s Human Resources and the “very serious allegations contained therein.” The attorney wrote “No employee at National Action Network should be subjected to any workplace harassment of any nature and especially of a sexual nature” adding “In that respect we appreciate you bringing this to our attention.”

The attorney wrote to “Jane Doe” that “we will undertake a full and complete investigation of your complaint.” The attorney also wrote that in order to conduct the investigation they would arrange with “Doe” and “independent sources” to receive documents and materials to substantiate her claim regarding “compensation and alleged missed earning” and that they would interview her, Tulloss and other witnesses. The attorney also indicated that NAN intended to “maintain confidentiality throughout the course of the investigation. The attorney also wrote “Doe” that their investigation “is independent of any state, city or federal claims” “Doe” chose to pursue.

The attorney concluded by writing that it was NAN’s intent to conduct the investigation in a “timely manner.” But 5 months later, “Doe” says she has not received any information about how NAN would like to move forward.

Tami’s Take:  Review the Documents

During a phone call to NAN Attorney Michael Hardy, Hardy said that the investigation had been conducted and that it was complete and thorough and that a report was sent to the board on Thursday, August 30th. He then said he is not allowed to discuss personnel matters, that he was speaking hypothetically, and that all employees are protected under the sexual harrassment policies of NAN. Asked if Rev. Sharpton was aware of the allegations, Hardy said anyone on the board of directors would be made aware of the situation and provided the main number to NAN. A message was left for Rev. Sharpton regarding the story.

During a phone call to Rev. K.W. Tulloss, Tulloss said the story is not “breaking news” to anyone close to him. Tulloss said he does not condone that type of behavior and that all the allegations against him are false. He alluded to having filed a police report regarding a claim that he is being targeted, but would not repeat the information when asked for clarification. He confirmed that he had indeed stayed in the hotel room alone with an employee but denies propositioning “Jane Doe” for oral sex. “Sometimes we don’t make the right decisions, unfortunately,” Tulloss said. “If we had to do it again, I would not make the same decision.”

“I hope the person gets the help she might need,” Tulloss said. “This is pure indication of someone targeting the good work people are doing.” Tulloss went on to say the allegations may be based on blackmail. “I’m hearing money might possibly be involved so I choose not to even want to talk to or help in anyway blackmail or shake people down. None of that stuff is true. It’s all garbage. I hope you will not put any of it in your newspaper,” Tulloss said.

Tulloss did not seem to know that the investigation had gone before the board. “Currently I have to refer you to the national office in reference to [the investigation]. Whatever the allegations are, they are still under investigation and I’ve been very cooperative. I’m not sure how much I can talk about it,” Tulloss said.

He continued, “I’m being targeted and it’s not true. People know me. I’m PTA President. None of this is true.”

Tulloss said sexual harrassment allegations like this go with the territory of his line of work. “It was all orchestrated and done on purpose. This is something people go through all the time. We are living in some rough times. Various allegations against people in high positions and that matter.” Tulloss, then claimed the situation had to do with spiritual warfare. “I will stand with victims all around the world,” he said. “We have to trust the process and as a spiritual person I do recognize the hand of the enemy. It’s very serious and very hurtful,” Tulloss said.