Gang Related Shooting at Torrance Bowling Alley

47-year-old gang member Reginald Leander Wallace has been charged with triple murder at a Torrance bowling alley.

Authorities say on January 4th, Wallace opened fire on a bowling alley killing three: Michael Radford, 20, Astin Edwards, 28, and Robert Meekins, 28.  The Los Angeles District Attorney’s Office reports that the shooting may be gang-related.

Records show that Wallace was first convicted of first-degree murder in 1989 while he was a juvenile. In 1997 Wallace was convicted as an adult for possessing a firearm in a school zone and then again in 1998 for assault with a firearm.

In addition to the triple murder charge, Wallace is also charged with four counts of attempted murder and one count of possession of a firearm by a felon.

If convicted, Wallace faces life in prison without parole.   Prosecutors might also seek the death penalty in this case. Wallace faced arraignment Tuesday, February 19th and is currently in lockup without bail.