Two East Hollywood Natives Enter No Contest Pleas to Robbery and Vandalism

22-year-old East Hollywood native, Christian Vela, has pleaded guilty to robbing a gas station and grocery store in September of last year, reports the Los Angeles County District Attorney’s Office.

On September 26, 2018, Vela and his co-defendant, Jeanette Zavala, 21, entered a Los Angeles gas station where Zavala proceeded to steal a case of beer. Vela then shot the gas station clerk with a BB gun when he tried to intervene. 

Later that same day Vela and Zavala got into a confrontation with the employees at a Sunset Boulevard restaurant. They caused an estimated $400 in damage and Zavala shot the BB gun at a window. 

On February 22, Vela entered a no contest plea to one felony count of second-degree robbery. He entered an additional no contest plea of second-degree robbery for robbing an East Hollywood grocery store on September 24 of last year. He is expected to be sentenced on March 1 to eight years in state prison. 

Zavala has also entered a no contest plea, on November 8 of last year, to one felony count each of second-degree robbery and vandalism. Her sentencing is scheduled to occur on March 4 and is expected to receive five years and eight months in state prison.