Deadly Shooting at Burbank House Party

On March 2 Robert Allen Stout, 19, and Joseph Anthony Valdivieso, 19, were involved in a fight with Christian Guevara, 21, that resulted in Guevara’a death.

The fight and subsequent murder occurred during a house party. The three met were outside at the time. During the fight Guevara was shot to death with a handgun believed to have been used by Stout.

Both Stout and Valdivieso have been charged with one count each of murder. Stout faces an additional allegation of personally using a firearm that resulted in great bodily injury and death.

Bail has been set for $3 million for Stout and over $2 million for Valdivieso. If convicted Stout faces 40 years to life in state prison while Valdivieso faces 16 years to life.