Residents in Arcadia On Alert After Hot Prowl Burglaries

Residents in Arcadia are on alert after two recent attempted burglaries occurred in the city this past week at night.

According to the Arcadia Police Department, a woman on the 100 block of Diamond Street was awakened early Tuesday morning by an intruder with a flashlight. That intruder took the woman’s purse and fled.

Then, late Thursday night, a man was awakened after hearing someone trying to open his front door and sliding windows, although he did not gain access to the resident’s home according to Sgt. Tom Le Vique of the Arcadia Police Department.

The suspect in the incident on Diamond Street is described as a 5’10  white male with a t-shirt and basketball shorts, and the suspect in the Thursday night incident is described as another 5’10, 150 pound white male in his 20s wearing a red shirt according to Police.

Nobody was hurt in either incident, although Police say that the man is likely targeting homes with unlocked doors and windows as part of a crime of opportunity.

Police urge residents to lock their doors and windows when they are home at night and to call the Police when they see anything suspicious. Anyone with information on the suspects is urged to call the Arcadia Police Department at (626) 574-5150.