Shots Fired at Irwindale Office Building

Update #2:  Irwindale Police confirm 3 victims in unknown condition, and that the shooter took his own life.  Police received the call at 1:24pm today.

Update:  The building is the Southern California Edison Building.  SCE confirms a shooting has happened at their facility at 4910 Rivergrade Road, that police are on the scene and that they locked down the building

Police say they are evacuating the office building at 4910 River Grade Road in Irwindale.  Police dispatchers say they can’t release much more information because officers are on the scene and are very busy trying to clear out the building.  Some reports indicate one person injured and possibly several others.  Police dispatchers say they are working on confirming that information right now, and that the only information they’re getting about the incident right now is what the news media is reporting since they’re having trouble getting in touch with the officers on the scene.