City Publishes Rose Parade Spectator Rules

As the final Rose Parade countdown continues, the City of Pasadena’s Police and Fire Departments want to ensure that all Parade spectators have a safe and fun time in the City while preparing for and watching the Parade. The City has published this list of rules and regulations to aid these spectators and encourages visitors to call  (877) 793-9911 with any questions.

  • It in unauthorized to be sitting, camping or blocking the sidewalk or parkways areas along the parade route until noon, January 1st. People will be asked to leave and all items including chairs, tables and ropes will be removed by Police.
  • No public areas (sidewalks, curbs, gutters, streets) may be cordoned or roped off. Unoccupied or abandoned property will be removed by Police.
  • Spectators will not be allowed to move to the Blue Line until 11 p.m., January 1st.
  • Do not bring upholstered chairs, couches, boxes, scaffolds, tents, horns, ladders or freestanding umbrellas; they will be confiscated. Folding chairs are acceptable.
  • Do not throw items of any kind, including marshmallows and tortillas. Silly string, whipped cream and shaving cream are not allowed. Throwing of any of these items is against the law.
  • No alcohol of any kind is allowed on the parade route. The legal drinking age in California is 21. Minors in possession of alcoholic beverages are subject to arrest along with the person who supplied it.
  • Small, professionally manufactured barbecues elevated at least one foot off the ground are allowed.
  • Bonfires are strictly prohibited.
  • Propane tanks are allowed but have to be less than 5 gallons.

List Courtesy City of Pasadena, Feature Photo Courtesy Doctor Noe on Flickr