Pasadena City College Deals With Minimal Budget Cuts Compared To Others

Officials say due to the $313 million cuts to the state’s community colleges and $102 million in “triggered cuts”, it was announced that more cuts are on the way. Representatives say statewide colleges will face an additional $149 million during the current fiscal year. Despite the downturn, Pasadena City College officials say these cuts will have a minimal affect on them compared to other state colleges. They say for PCC, the new cuts will amount to an additional $2.85 million in budget shortfall.

The institution says they were forced to reduce some of its class offerings, while trying to accommodate their students in other ways. They say they are offering 2,333 sections for the spring semester, which continues to be significantly above the state-ordered enrollment-funding limit for class offerings.

PCC says consideration will be given to students near completion of a certificate, degree, transfer requirements, or have been affected in terms of financial aid qualification. They say a special “Spring Forward to Completion” project will be available first to those students who would have completed their degree or certificate by spring or summer.

PCC officials say on Friday, February 24 the college’s Budget Resource and Allocation Committee will meet to discuss recommendations for the fiscal year of 2012-2013 budget. The college says their plan is to prepare for next year’s budget cuts and to address the crisis in a realistic manner.