Altadena Burglars Strike Again, But Not For Long

Authorities say three men broke into an Altadena home on Monday and attempted to take four, full boxes of jewelry. Altadena Sheriffs say the plan was sideswiped when a nearby neighbor caught them in the act and called the police.

Deputies say after an hour-long search, a Ford pickup was spotted on New York Drive, but the suspects ran on foot. Authorities say the two men were discovered inside a backyard patio when police made their arrest. They say that Eddie McFadden, 19, of Pasadena and Palmer Pitts, 18, of Rialto were arrested on suspicion of residential burglary. The two were held at the local sheriff’s station.

Police say the stolen jewelry was recovered because it was left in the truck and that they don’t have any whereabouts or a description on the third suspect.