Police Release 911 Tape and Officers Names in Officer Involved Shooting

Pasadena Police have released the names of the Officers in the Officer involved shooting that killed 20 year old Kendrec McDade of Azusa.  They are:

Officer Jeffery Newlen, male white, hired: 4-16-2007. He has no prior Officer Involved Shootings.

Officer Mathew Griffin male white, hired: 8-28-2006. In 2007, Officer Griffin was involved in a shooting of a Rottweiller that was loose and had attached an individual and his dog.

Police say Officers Griffin and Newlen are off on paid leave at this time.

Pasadena Police Chief Phillip L. Sanchez says, “I am committed to thoroughly investigating the Officer Involved Shooting. This is why in addition to Pasadena Police Detectives Professional Standards investigation, the Los Angeles County District Attorney’s Officer Involved Shooting Team are investigation as well as the Office of Independent Review Group”.

CCN’s Paulo Alejandria has been following the story.  He reports on the release of the 911 tapes, asks police their response to the charge that some in the community have made about whether they have been following behind the NAACP and other community leaders in getting information out to the public regarding the shooting, and reports on the status of the McDade’s autopsy.  Take a look.

Paulo will have all the latest on the Officer Involved Shooting Death of Kendrec McDade Monday on Crown City News at 6pm on Channel 32 in Pasadena and streaming live at www.crowncitynews.com/live.