McDade Shooting Discussed With Independent Investigators

Pasadena Police Chief Phillip Sanchez and City Manager Michael Beck met with officials from the County of Los Angeles’ Office of Independent Review this past week to discuss the investigation into the recent shooting death of Kendrec McDade.

According to local officials, Michael Gennaco and Robert Miller from the County’s Office of Independent Review attended the meeting, where the city promised its full cooperation to conduct a full and fair investigation into the recent officer involved shooting on March 24th.

The recent involvement of the Office of Independent Review comes shortly after the already ongoing investigation into the shooting by the Los Angeles County District Attorney’s Office. In addition to that investigation, the City also said this past week that Police Chief Phillip Sanchez has asked the F.B.I.’s Civil Rights Program to also investigate whether McDade’s civil rights were violated as part of the incident. The results of the F.B.I. investigation will be made public through the City’s Public Safety Committee when they are available.

According to City Manager Michael Beck in a statement to the City Council this past week, Beck said, “I am keenly aware of my responsibility – to the residents of Pasadena, our mayor and city council, and our employees, including our sworn police officers – to ensure that we reach a clear understanding of every link in the chain of events that led to this tragic incident. I am committed to providing answers to Kendrec McDade’s family with information that can help us all understand how and why they lost their son”.

These recent developments in the Kendrec McDade case come as McDade’s family prepares to hold the funeral for McDade later this morning at 10:00am at the Metropolitan Baptist Church, located at 2283 Fair Oaks Avenue in Altadena.