South Pasadena Burglary Attempt Caught on Tape

Police in South Pasadena this morning are searching for a man who attempted to break into a commercial office building by smashing a rock through a window, according to Police officials. Police said the man had attempted to break into the office on Pasadena Avenue in South Pasadena just before 6:00am on Friday morning. However, his failed attempt to do so was captured on tape by a surveillance camera.

According to South Pasadena Police officials in a written statement and as seen in the video, the unknown subject attempted to use a flashlight to survey the location. After about five minutes, Police say he returned to throw a rock at a window on the building and managed to shatter the outer ane of a double-paned window. However, the inner pane of the double-paned window failed to shatter for the man.

Police say the suspect then left and returned to the location, where he eventually tried to unsuccessfully kick in the window. He then fled in an unknown vehicle, according to Police.

Police are now asking for the public’s help in finding the man pictured in the video above. Anybody with more information is encouraged to contact South Pasadena Police Department’s Detectives at (626) 403-7270.