Pasadena Robbery Suspects Arrested in Pomona

Last night, on November 23rd, two suspects robbed a man and a woman in a shopping center parking lot in Pasadena, but authorities say they were caught in Pomona for their crime. Police say the suspects approached a Pasadena couple by gun point and demanded money from them. Officers say the robbers stole a purse, cell phone, and a camera before they drove off in a Honda Civic.

A witness reported the license plate number of the suspects’ car and authorities say the robbers were detained later that evening. Police say Israel Sanchez of Pasadena and Ruby Gallock of Pomona were booked on suspicion of robbery.

Officers say all items were recovered from the crime including the weapon which turned out to be a BB gun. According to county booking records, police 
say Sanchez was being held in lieu of $150,000 bail pending his initial court appearance, while Gallock was being held without bail.