Pasadena Water Shortage On Feb. 21-28

Water Shortage Emergency Declared for Feb. 21-28

City leaders say in February, Pasadena will will face a temporary Level 4 Water Shortage Emergency. They say the eight day shutdown is scheduled to be on February 21st through February 28th. Officials say the measure enforces a ban on outdoor watering, with a few exceptions. They say all residents must rely solely on its groundwater and water conservation.

For this shutdown, council members say the Metropolitan Water District of Southern California or MWD will stop all water deliveries to Pasadena and neighboring cities to perform vital system repairs and upgrades at its Eagle Rock Tower and Weymouth Treatment Plant.

For more information about the watering ban, pointers for how to prepare, and daily updates during the shutdown go to:

Water-waste violations can be reported through the Water Shortage Hotline at (626) 744-8888.