Pasadena Takes A Stand Against Suicide By Placing Prevention Signs Along Colorado Street Bridge


Pasadena city officials say an approved plan is set in place to post suicide prevention signs along the sides of Colorado Street Bridge. They say that more than 150 people have jumped to their deaths from the bridge since it’s first recorded suicide in 1919. Officials say the bulk of suicides took place during the Great Depression. They say in the past 7 years, there has been 13 suicides on the bridge since 2006. City representatives say the structure is labeled “Suicide Bridge” because of the number deaths that have taken place there.

Authorities say in an effort to fight the issue and save lives, messages of hope and suicide prevention hotline phone numbers will be posted at the pedestrian entrances to the bridge. They say messages such as, “There is hope” and “You are not alone” are possible signs that will be posted at the structure.

Pasadena city leaders say they want to give people an extra moment to contemplate what they’re doing. They say the signs will tentatively be posted in the month of August.