Woman Fraudulently Scams San Gabriel Residents


Police say a La Puente woman has been charged with 25 felony counts for giving false promise to people in financial need by offering them quick and easy loans, but instead she stole their personal information. They say an investigation revealed the suspect had people’s documents and credit cards in her home.

Detectives say the suspect took out ads in Chinese language publications. They say she would then ask for identification, social security numbers, and all of their credit cards so that she could ‘check their credit’ in order for them to obtain a loan. A credit card machine was then used for her to take cash from her victims, say investigators.

Authorities say the suspect would also accompany her victims to a store. They say she would instruct them to open up a credit account as a way of building their credit. Police say she would have her victims buy her items with a promise to pay them back, but she never kept her agreement. The credit cards, IDs and other documents were eventually returned to her victims, but only after she made color copies of them; so that she could commit more possible fraud and identity theft in the future, say officials.

Investigators say the suspect scammed many people in the San Gabriel Valley. They say the total amount of theft hasn’t been calculated; yet, but her victims lost thousands of dollars.

If anyone has information on this crime or if you’re a victim, please contact the Monterey Park Police Department and ask for Detective Han at 626-307-1246.