Pasadena Sends Furlough Notices To 250 City Employees

After months of negotiation between the City of Pasadena and one of its largest city employee unions and on the eve of the Mayor’s State of the City address, the city had decided to cut the work hours of 250 city employees in order to continue to reduce the $11 million budget deficit in Pasadena.

Nearly 500 employees are in the Pasadena Management Association, which represents mid-management employees in the city, and the union had been negotiating with senior city officials over the past year to prevent continuing pay cuts to city employees.  But, PMA says they’ve been unfairly targeted by the city to give up work afters after their employees already gave up a pay raise in the Spring of 2009. Union officials also rejected the city’s offer to accept a two-percent pay raise this year and another next year.

The hourly reductions to current PMA city employees has been confirmed to reach an up to 10% for some, meaning that their work-weeks will be cut from 40 hours to 36. In the timeline diagram below, courtesy of the Pasadena Management Association, PMA shows the ongoing negotiations between them and city officials.

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