Driver Crashes into Pasadena House

Driver Crashes into Pasadena House

By Pasadena Independent

An Arcadia man was rushed to hospital by Pasadena fire paramedics Monday evening after he crashed into a house on California Ave in Pasadena as Arcadia police were pursuing his vehicle for traffic violation(s).

The incident started after 5PM at Old Ranch Road and Huntington Drive in Arcadia when an officer saw the driver of an SUV running a red light.

The 44-year-old driver failed to yield at Huntington Drive, where he again ran through another red light at Sunset and continued to try and evade several squad cars from Arcadia PD in hot pursuit.

The unidentified driver lost control, hit the home and was transported by paramedics. His was the was the only injury.

Anyone with information was asked to call Arcadia police at 626-574-5123.

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