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Sheriff’s Deputy Placed on Leave Following Rape Allegation

The Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department City of Industry Station has relieved Deputy Damien Marquez of duty following an investigation into rape allegations by an L.A. County woman known only as “Anna Doe.”

“We don’t know if he’s on leave with pay or or without pay here at the Unit level,” says Industry station’s Operations Lt. Richard Shear, who added, “The Internal Criminal Investigations Bureau is conducting the investigation.”

“Anna Doe” alleges that between November and December 2013 Sheriff’s Deputy Damien Marquez stalked, stopped and arrested her repeatedly.  The lawsuit, filed in federal court, claims Marquez used his position as a peace officer to pull her over, seize and search her car and person repeatedly and demand her phone number.  It also alleges that Marquez used the fact that she was on felony probation and could be sent to prison after any arrest, and that he told her he was a member of a local Latino Street Gang who had “committed murders and never got into trouble.”

The lawsuit alleges that Marquez ordered “Anna Doe” to the City of Industry Sheriff’s station repeatedly, placed her under arrest, penetrated her vaginally with his hands, coerced her into oral sex, and raped her.  The lawsuit claims that the Internal Criminal Investigations Bureau detectives have recovered DNA evidence at the station where “Anna Doe” sat following the alleged rape.

Doe is suing Marquez for what she claims is violation of her 8th Amendment rights having to do with cruel and unusual punishment regarding sexual contact with prisoners and 10 other members of the Sheriff’s Department  for what she claims is violation of her 4th amendment rights having to do with unlawful search and seizure and excessive force.

She is suing for compensatory damages which is reimbursement for physical injury, and for punitive damages to punish Marquez and the other defendants.  “Anna Doe” is also demanding a jury trial.

We contacted The Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Headquarters Public Information Office for comment.  We were told they didn’t have information on this case.  We also contacted the Internal Criminal Investigations Bureau, who’s Lt. Bob Peacock told us that he could not comment because they are conducting a criminal investigation, and that the department could not comment on open active investigations.