San Gabriel Concludes Election Investigation

By Anna Buss

An eight-month investigation into complaints filed in connection with the City of San Gabriel’s March 5th, 2013 municipal election wrapped up last week.

Officials say following the city-wide elections, several residents filed complaints alleging poll workers’ misconduct, violations of the Elections Code and other problems with election procedures at several precincts.

The City of San Gabriel’s election counsel and Core Investigations and Polygraph conducted the investigation. The results were included in the Report of Investigative Findings and Proposed Considerations for Future Elections.

Investigators determined that of nine issue areas examined, only one single complaint, which alleged that a poll worker was electioneering in a single precinct, was sustained. Authorities determined that the remaining allegations were unsupported.

“Our residents are best served by an election process that is open, fair, and transparent,” said City Manager Steve Preston in a press release. “While there are a number of options for us to consider, we are committed to deliver an action plan to Council that serves that mission.”

The report also makes additional recommendations to strengthening election processes.

The City Council will receive the report, available at, at its March 18, 2014 meeting.  After that, city officials expect the action plan will to be presented to the Council in approximately 60 days.