City Council Should Withdraw Proposed Water Ordinance

Pasadena City Council:

This E-mail sets forth my comments on the proposed new water ordinance which is Item 14 on the agenda for the May 24 City Council meeting. I request that it be provided to Council members at the meeting and be given the same consideration as a presentation before the Council.

From my quick review of the agendas for the last couple of months of Council meetings, I find no indication that there has ever been a Council meeting at which a public hearing was held on this matter. Apparently there were two public workshops, attended by an aggregate total of six members of the public. Obviously there has been essentially no public discussion of this matter.

The 36-page ordinance is complex. It will have significant impact on many Pasadena residents. It is deserving of public scrutiny and discussion. I would therefore plead with you to schedule a Council public hearing to be held after there has been adequate time for interested members of the public to properly evaluate the proposed ordinance. At the very least, action on the ordinance should be deferred, and should not take place at the May 24 meeting.

Thank you.

David O. Powell
Pasadena resident